Unlike most people, my love of sewing did not start with a pot holder or a simple dress. My passion of sewing design started with sewing baby shoes for my own children, and later, women's shoes for myself. Once I realized I could transform an ordinary piece of fabric into something functional and fabulous, that was it - I was hooked for life!

I started off with an idea to make my own shoes from scratch; I wondered if I could do it. I got so excited about the prospect of making my own shoes, I stayed up at night thinking about all different shoe designs. I thought of them in every color, in every style, even the outfits that would go with them! But now the challenge I ran into was how to make shoes for outdoor use, with a sole. I wanted them to look and feel like real shoes. However, with limited information on how to make outdoor shoes and few resources on where to buy shoe making materials, I was getting frustrated. I realized that I needed to find a way to make shoes with what I had at home, without a heavy duty sewing machine, or special equipment. I became determined to not only enable myself to make shoes at home, but the rest of the world too! I wanted to empower the everyday person to make their own shoes at home. But how? That was the question I kept facing. I realized the only way I'm going to figure this out is by trial and error. So from there I worked very hard for a couple years to come up with a user friendly alternative to the traditional shoe making process. I knew it had to start with a sewing pattern. Long story short, from there I moved on to patterns for clothing, toys and beyond!